The Juicer Pyrex Sex Toy by Asstroknots

The Juicer Pyrex Sex Toy by Asstroknots

The Juicer Pyrex Sex Toy by Asstroknots

4 inch staff with a rounded square head that comes to a tapered point. The head is about 1.25 inches across in width. The base is about 3.5 inches wide with bumps on it for clitoral stimulation. And includes a handle on the base. This item will ship via Fed Ex ground or US Mail. No express shipping available. 4 inches long 1.25 inches wide.

This is the original Pyrex glass Juicer featured on HBO. The little indentation on top is perfect for wet play as it allows you to spin this work of art at the speed you need.

The best sex toy you will ever own. Don't be fooled by copycats. If you want an original sex juicer dildo, this is the one you need!

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The Juicer Pyrex Sex Toy by Asstroknots

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